Note: This was based off when I went to my friend's house, but the part with the 1313 number didn't actually happen. The rest is true before that though. When we woke up on the pontoon we actually went and watched more tv.

It was a normal day at first. My friend and I were hanging out at her house and we were really bored so we called some creepy numbers. None worked except for Boothworld Industries, which we already knew was fake. So we tried looking some up and none of those worked either. We eventually went off and watched some tv and creepy videos. We ate some pizza outside and drank some Ice's. We went back inside and decided to watch some more tv. We got bored watched some more creepy videos. During the night we looked at some funny picture of Patrick Stump, and let me tell you, the faces he makes. The next day we watched some Patrick Stump funny moments and him and Pete's commentary on the Youngblood Chronicles. We decided to watch a little tv and go out to the lake. We hade paddleboated there yesterday and sat on the pontoon talking about (you guessed it) Patrick Stump and some other band members. We sat on the pontoon and fell asleep. Now this is where things get weird. When we woke up we decided to call some more creepy numbers. Finally we decided to just press random numbers. She tried and I tried, but they didn't work. We came up with one together and used my phone. We came up with the number (666)-313-1313. Little did we know that would have a big impact on us later. While it was ringing we talked a little bit about Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad (But mostly Harley Quinn) Finally it stopped ringing and there was silence on the other end. Then someone said "What's your name?" We didn't respond. Then the male voice said "Emily" That was my friend's name and we were a little creeped out. Then it said "Allie" My name. We were about to hang up then it said "You better stay on that pontoon. I'm no bad guy, but I know someone who is. Don't go out on the lake whatever you do. Stay on that pontoon, and if you see a white speedboat with a gray stripe across is run to your house as fast as you can. He can't get you on land." Then it hung up. I get paranoid about stuff that's fake so imagine how I must have felt when I heard that. My friend too. We had sat on the pontoon for a few more minutes when we were about to go on land, because we though every time we heard something it was that speedboat. Then we heard something that made our hearts stop. We heard a motor growing louder and louder as if it were coming closer. We looked up and I felt as if I was about to have a heart attack. A white speedboat with a gray stripe across it was coming towards us. I tapped on my friends shoulder and we both ran off the pontoon and to the road. There was a car so we couldn't cross yet. My friend looked back and told me too as well. I did and the speedboat was there right by the pontoon. There was a guy holding up a phone looking at us. It had to be the guy that answered that number. He yelled and we both flinched. "I can't get you out of water! You're lucky too! This is the only time I can come here. I can only come to a lake once!" He sped off and we had no doubt he was a kidnapper, murderer, or worse. We ran into the house and told her grandma about it. She called the police and the man was arrested quickly. He was stupid enough to go by a police station after he'd done that. We watched more tv and had a good day despite what had happened. Since he was locked up for life (for who knew what) without parole we weren't afraid to go back out on the lake. It was terrifying and I deleted the number from my phone. That event only affected us for that day and we eventually let it go. I don't know how since creepy videos affects us for at least a week. I guess since he was locked up and we knew that for sure it put our minds at ease. All I have to say is that man is locked up so he can never get out. And me and my friend have been fine. But I warn you. Even though that man is locked up there's still a possibility he wasn't the man that picked up the phone. So whatever you do NEVER call (666)-313-1313.