"Jessica...... Jessica..... W just wants to see you...." And that's how it all started. That dream. One random Wednesday night in the summer. It was only that night. Before I get into the story I should mention that my name is Jessica. Now that that's settled I can tell you what happened. The next morning after the shortest yet creepiest dream I'd ever had I felt like I was being watched. It was no doubt, because of the dream. I was just paranoid. That's what I thought at first anyways. My parents were at work and I was watching tv. I remember the exact show and episode too. It was the episode of Impractical Jokers where Joe had to dress up as a superhero on top of a tram. When it ended another show came on so I changed the channel. As it went through the couple seconds of silence before it changes I heard a loud bang. My dog was there and came into the living room and sat by me. That was pretty odd since my dog doesn't really care about anything and will bark at the wind if she thinks it's a car. She's also lazy and she came in the room pretty quickly. I saw a shadow in the hallway and thought it was the shadow of a tree branch, which I would have ignored if it weren't for my dog. She started growling. She never growls at shadows. I started to get creeped out since I believe in ghosts and I know dogs can see ghosts. Then I remembered my dream. I'm weird, so don't think it's strange what I did next. I said to the ghost or whatever it was "W what do you think you're doing? Now you've seen me. You don't have to make a bunch of noise and scare my dog over it. Go look at someone else." Little did I know that was a big mistake. W was no ghost that only wanted to see what I looked like. In fact he... or it.... wasn't a ghost at all. It was a demon. Later at night I had decided to sleep in the tent with my dog. She started pawing at the wall late at night. I checked the time and it was 1:03 AM. I went back to sleep but woke up again at 2:04 to my dog pawing at the tent. Finally for the third time my dog woke me up at 3:33 AM. I opened the tent window in the door and looked out. The window on the house was fogged up and written on it was the letter W. I heard a whisper on the right side of the tent on the outside. It said "W just wants to see you Jessica..." I zipped up the window and my dog started growling. The tent started shaking and my dog went crazy barking and snarling. Eventually it stopped and "W" spoke again. "Now you have to look at me and pay the price... Or I'll kill you." So I unzipped the tent window. There looking in was the most horrific face I've ever seen. I couldn't look away or cover my face. I couldn't zip up the window. Then W disappeared. As soon as he did the window zipped up and a swarm of June bugs came. I HATE June bugs. I guess that was the price. They stayed there all night along with the creepy laughter of a clown and the feeling of floating high up in the sky. It was torture. It was also freezing one second burning hot the next. It must have been even worse for my dog. Her whining made it worse. Once it turned 4:00 AM. everything stopped. Impossibly I fell asleep and so did my dog. We woke up later and left the tent and I haven't slept in it again. It's only been a few weeks so I'm still recovering. I know W left though. He probably haunts other people now. I should tell you what his face looks like in case he ever comes to you. It's gray with hollow black eyes and a black grin. He had a hint of light in his eyes and mouth. The longer you look at his face the more you see. In the background was fire. And it sounded like screaming. If you ever hear the phrase "W just wants to see you" in your dreams sleep in a circle of slat or holy water or something. I still remember the last thing I heard before I went to sleep and it still sends chills down my spine. "Jessica.... Jessica... W has seen you.... You have seen W... But he hasn't seen others... And other haven't seen him...."